Selling – Bringing the Best Tri-Cities Sale Home

When selling a piece of land, commercial property or residential home, a real estate transaction will only go smoothly with an experienced, professional real estate agent or real estate team at the helm. For countless sellers that have worked with Joe and Colleen Lane, the Lane Real Estate Team is just one such team. For over 20 combined years, Joe and Colleen have served the Tri-Cities real estate market with smooth, expert transactions complemented with customer-oriented service.

Selling Without Stress

No matter what kind of property you’re looking to sell and no matter what type of transaction you’re embarking on, Joe and Colleen Lane have seen it before and can offer you the kind of guidance necessary to complete a real estate deal with ease. In something as complicated as a real estate transaction, there is potential for stress and worry if the wrong person is at the helm. Joe and Colleen Lane take all that stress out of the equation and let you instead enjoy the sale of your property.

One of the keyways that stress is taken out is through relying on intimate, local knowledge of the real estate market, and with over twenty combined years in the Tri-Cities area, Joe and Colleen Lane can offer that kind of knowledge. From knowing just how to market your property to understanding just what types of buyers look at the Tri-Cities area, that local knowledge can come into play at every step along the way. With so many personal connections forged over those 20 years, Joe and Colleen Lane are well connected to the real estate market in the Tri-Cities. They can efficiently navigate it under almost any circumstance.

A Comprehensive Approach

The best way to get a home or piece of property sold quickly is to put as many prospective buyers as possible in contact with the property. That is done through a complex network of methods such as yard signs, the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), open houses, and other tools at the disposal of Joe and Colleen Lane. Those tools and the intimate knowledge of Tri-Cities buyers cultivated by the Lane Real Estate Team for over 20 years maximize the buyers that see your property and generate quicker, more reliable results on a potential sale.

Over that extensive period serving the Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland real estate markets, Joe and Colleen Lane have seen just about everything and can offer that time-tested experience to your sale. A portion of the experience has been converted into the array of articles and tips that can be found on this website to help answer your questions before, during, and after your sale. Of course, these articles will only get you so far and it is the personal, tailored service of the Lane Real Estate Team that can bring a real estate transaction home.

Get Started on Your Sale Today

The best choice you can make to embark upon a stress-free, customer-oriented real estate sale is to contact Joe and Colleen Lane today with whatever your real estate selling needs might be. The Lane Real Estate Team has helped countless sellers with their land, commercial property or home sale to generate the amount of viable prospective buyers you need to sell a home quickly and for full price. There will always be a hiccup or two along the way, but with over 20 years spent serving sellers in the Tri-Cities area just like you, Joe and Colleen Lane know just how to navigate those obstacles. Call Joe and Colleen today to get started on the real estate transaction you deserve.