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Search Tri-Cities Washington Real EstateThe foundation of a successful, smooth, professional real estate transaction is communication and trust shared between a real estate agent and a client. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a piece of land, a commercial property, or a residential home, that truth remains the same. The transaction will only be as stress-free as the collaboration between the real estate agent and client is strong. The Lane Real Estate Team of Joe and Colleen Lane is well aware of this and has made it the top priority in every transaction to put the customer’s needs first.

Twenty years of working under the motto of “good old-fashioned customer service” has given countless buyers and sellers the strong, efficient real estate transaction everyone deserves. Every real estate dealing will have its own issues and obstacles, but by building that strong foundation of customer service and committing to working tirelessly to solve each and every issue, Joe and Colleen Lane can take those potential problems in stride, solving those issues and ensuring the transaction stays on track. Only seasoned, experienced real estate professionals can pull that off.

An Eye on the Tri-Cities Washington

The only thing that could possibly make such a strong real estate agent/client relationship better is an impeccable working knowledge of the precise location that client is interested in. For Joe and Colleen Lane, that area is the Tri-Cities of southeastern Washington, comprising Richland, Pasco, Kennewick, and other surrounding communities. Twenty years of real estate transactions in the area have given the Lane Real Estate Team an immense understanding of what it takes to complete a Tri-City real estate transaction. As two of the premier real estate agents in the area, Joe and Colleen Lane can offer expertise and a local perspective not found with other agents or agencies.

Whether it be the Richland real estate market, the Pasco real estate market, or the Kennewick real estate market, the Lane Real Estate Team is truly bringing expertise that benefits both buyers and sellers of any type of real estate. Buyers get the benefit of a real estate team that knows just where to find the type of home or building you are looking for. Countless pieces of real estate have passed through the Lane Real Estate Team and that vast library of knowledge manifests itself in a precise, targeted search through the MLS and personal connections in the area so that the homes you look at are all real, viable options tailored specifically to your needs.

Sellers get the benefit of having their piece of real estate marketed in such a way as to take advantage of the Tri-Cities area and appeal to those buyers that are scouring the area for their new property. You get a personalized marketing plan that takes advantage of both the intricate details of your property and of the appeal of your area as well. The things that make the Tri-Cities area great, like the scenery, the weather, the economic vitality, and the impressive growth seen in the area, can all be used to help sell your piece of property. Both sides of the spectrum benefit from a strong, local perspective, and Joe and Colleen Lane provide just that.

Don’t Wait to Jump into the Tri-Cities WA Real Estate Market

The Tri-Cities WA area is an area of great opportunity as the steady growth seen in the area has expanded the real estate market in the communities in the area. There are more wonderful, affordable homes in the Tri-Cities area now than ever before and it takes a reliable, experienced team to wade through all the great opportunities in the area to find the one right for you. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a piece of land, commercial property, investment opportunity, or residential home, the Lane Real Estate Team of Colleen and Joe Lane is the right choice for you and your real estate transaction. Take the first step towards removing the stress of a real estate transaction by choosing the premier real estate team in the Tri-Cities area, the Lane Real Estate Team.

Tri-Cities Washington History

With a population of more than 200,000, Washington’s renowned Tri-Cities area is comprised of the cities of Richland, Pasco, and Kennewick. It is situated near the confluence of the Columbia River with the Yakima and Snake Rivers. The history of the area is quite rich and diverse and stems back a good two hundred years.

The Tri Cities’ history was first officially “marked” on October 16, 1805, with the visitation from the notorious Lewis and Clark Expedition, who documented their exploration—which lasted until 1806—of the region and is commemorated today in Pasco’s Sacagawea State Park. Before then, the Tri-Cities area was home to a wide assortment of Indian tribes who, for centuries, used the banks of the Columbia, Yakima, and Snake Rivers for fishing, gathering, pasturing, hunting, and camping, among other activities… [more Tri-Cities WA History].