Buying – The Search for Your Perfect
Tri-Cities Property

Getting involved in purchasing a piece of land, commercial property, investment opportunity or residential home is an exciting time. You are taking on a new, sizable responsibility and with that comes that fun of exploring all the potential pieces of real estate out there in hopes of finding one just right for you. Your purchase will change your life and set you on a new path, whether your first purchase or your 50th. The Lane Real Estate Team of Joe and Colleen Lane understands that this is an exciting time and by giving you a strong, local voice in your real estate transaction, you can focus more on the fun and less on the work involved.

A Strong, Local Real Estate Team

With over 20 combined years of experience serving buyers in the Tri-Cities area of southeastern Washington, Joe and Colleen Lane have cultivated a strong, local voice in Kennewick, Richland, Pasco, and surrounding areas, giving buyers the knowledge that no matter what area of the Tri-Cities they have their sights on, Joe and Colleen Lane know the ins and outs of each neighborhood and area. Some of that knowledge can be found on this very website as Joe and Colleen have taken the time to develop a series of articles and tips that can help you answer some of the questions you might have before, during, and after your purchase.

Of course, these articles represent only the tip of the iceberg and when it comes to your specific situation, there can be no substitute for the close personal assistance of a team like the Lane Real Estate Team. No matter what issues or obstacles your real estate transaction might take on along the way, Joe and Colleen Lane have seen them all before and can easily and expertly guide you through, no matter what the challenge. That ability only comes after extensive experience helping buyers of all types and Joe and Colleen have spent over 20 years doing just that in the Tri-Cities area.

Good Old-Fashioned Customer Service

The Tri-Cities area is growing rapidly and with that growth comes a multitude of opportunities no matter the type of real estate you are interested in purchasing. You have in mind a laundry list of features you want to be included in the real estate purchase you’re looking for and Joe and Colleen Lane can take that list and scour the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and an extensive network of personal contacts to find just the property you are looking for. There are so many wonderful areas of Kennewick, Richland, Pasco, and the surrounding area to look through, and doing so with your needs in mind will turn up only those properties that best fit your needs.

At every step along the way, you will remain in constant communication with the Lane Real Estate Team as it is that level of communication that takes the mystery and confusion out of any real estate transaction. Everything will be explained, and your questions will always be heard as doing so takes out the stress of the situation, stress usually created by questions and misunderstandings. No matter how complicated or simple your transaction might be, it is that level of communication and customer service that has made Joe and Colleen Lane two of the premier real estate agents in the area.

Get Started!

You have made an excellent decision looking at the Tri-Cities WA area for your real estate purchasing needs as the area features both the small-town community feeling and big-city amenities. That balance has drawn countless residents to the area and the only way to complement such a wonderful area is by hiring an experienced, professional real estate team to accomplish your goals. Joe and Colleen Lane, the Lane Real Estate Team, are one such team and would be thrilled to start you along the path to owning the new land, commercial property, or residential home of your dreams.